Witor’s history started in 1959 in a small laboratory in Cremona.

The dream of Roberto Bonetti was to create a chocolate producing factory, despite the very low financial resources. His will was big enough to start the adventure and over the past years his chocolate reached more than 80 countries over four different continents.

Over 60 years
of valuable know-how

The growth of Witor’s was made possible by the expertise and work ethic of the many women and men who all over the past 60 years contributed to create Witor’s family.

Too often a company’s success is seen as leaders’ contribution, but Witor’s is an example of how great achievements cannot be reached unless together. 

Our expertise is what guides us in creating new products in increasingly developed markets. Our new recipes are the result of a combination of high craftsmanship, extensive knowledge of raw material and packaging solutions, and typical Italian style and creativity.